Oldies – but goodies!

I know I’ve posted LWMYD links before, but I guess I felt I tiny bit nostalgic today and missed dancing to Rhys’s seats at Elsewhere..


After all the travelling, exploring and new time zones I’ve been just as tired as this meerkat over the past (almost) couple of weeks.

Eyes on the price..

Two months. Two months of secrecy, travelling and surprise planning. Two months spent with my love, Luke, seeing spectacular things across New Zealand and Australia.

Two months ago I decided to leave Aus when my student visa lapsed in Mid-March. A very tough decision, as I had just DAYS earlier convinced my mom I wouldn’t be coming home for another year or two because of doing my Master and working in Aus. So what made me change, in those three days I had to make up my mind, after returning from Maldives? If you ask me I’ll tell you why.

I have done and seen so much during these two months that my brain is exhausted from all the new memories and experiences. It hasn’t had time to process everything yet. The leaving Australia-part hasn’t sunk in yet. Heck, I feel like I’m only home on vacation right now, like in the years before – but now I actually have to get a job and deal with lots of administrative things that I didn’t have to do the other times I was home. What gym to choose? What internet/phone plan? Public transport options? What jobs should I apply for? The length of my stay in Sweden is determined by what job I get, and if I get a job elsewhere I’ll go to a new city. So yes, it’s a big change for me. Do I wish I had Luke here, hell yes. But at the same time it’s good to do this “alone” and really think of what I want opposed to what I want for the both of us.

I’ll write more later, I have too much to cross off my To Do list now!

Radio silence

I realize I haven’t been writing since I went on vacation, but I spent three wonderful weeks being absolutely anti-social on social media. Had the most amazing time with my mom in Sri Lanka and Maldives. No wifi. Stressful at first, with so many emails and answers pending from jobs, schools, people etc – but I got used to it, and decided to deactivate my facebook on trial basis when I got back. It’s weird in a way, but it feels pretty damn good! I have way more time to do other things, to start with, and I feel like I can concentrate on other things for once. The fact that my phone fell into the toilet the same day and stopped working freaked me out at first though – as I had thought just hours earlier that my close friends “could at least reach me on my phone”. Oh well. Accidents happen. Have to learn they are just objects, as much as I like having them around me.

Planning my new adventures at the moment and I’m very excited! Will announce what they are in due time. But for now, listen to some good music and go out and enjoy the sun! That’s what I’m about to do!

Lots of love, Y

On my way

I’m finally on my way to see my mom in Sri Lanka. Was able to score 3 seats to myself so I feel rather lucky and rested this flight (so far so good) as I’m sitting here watching Diana and seeing beautiful views like these (below)

I just purchased these little treats that will hopefully be fun and useful on my trip



Woke up to the greatest news from ‘Merica. Tjockisbarn is getting married to her love Mike that we met together five years ago 🙂 Couldn’t be happier for them!