Radio silence

I realize I haven’t been writing since I went on vacation, but I spent three wonderful weeks being absolutely anti-social on social media. Had the most amazing time with my mom in Sri Lanka and Maldives. No wifi. Stressful at first, with so many emails and answers pending from jobs, schools, people etc – but I got used to it, and decided to deactivate my facebook on trial basis when I got back. It’s weird in a way, but it feels pretty damn good! I have way more time to do other things, to start with, and I feel like I can concentrate on other things for once. The fact that my phone fell into the toilet the same day and stopped working freaked me out at first though – as I had thought just hours earlier that my close friends “could at least reach me on my phone”. Oh well. Accidents happen. Have to learn they are just objects, as much as I like having them around me.

Planning my new adventures at the moment and I’m very excited! Will announce what they are in due time. But for now, listen to some good music and go out and enjoy the sun! That’s what I’m about to do!

Lots of love, Y

On my way

I’m finally on my way to see my mom in Sri Lanka. Was able to score 3 seats to myself so I feel rather lucky and rested this flight (so far so good) as I’m sitting here watching Diana and seeing beautiful views like these (below)

I just purchased these little treats that will hopefully be fun and useful on my trip


“We’re all misfits here… Halfies and homos and hopeless romantics, the outcast and outrageous and terminally weird. That’s where art comes from. From our weirdness and our differences, from our manic fixations, our obsessions, our passions. From all those wild and wacky things that makes each of us unique.”

- Terri Windling


Working long hours last weekend proved to be a bit more than my body could handle. Tuesday morning I woke up with a fever, and as much as I wanted my day in Brisbane with Luke to be wonderful, I was in a dace most of the day. I feel bad for Luke, he seemed restless and like he had wanted more out of the day. Seeing as it was our only day off before I go away on my holiday we were determined to make the most of it. I tried to go to work yesterday, but was sent home early after calling someone else in to cover. I hate being a burden on others, but at the same time I can’t help if my head feels like its about to explode. I’m too much of a perfectionist to be able to work without performing as well as a possibly could.

I have spent my day going through paper work that needs to be taken care of before my trip. Acceptance letters, contracts etc. I have to bring lots with me on my trip, in case I get emails about jobs or school. There’s been a few hurdles to jump through today, and Hannah was an absolute doll listening and helping me de-stress from some of the issues that arose. I was able to check lots of things off my to-do-list today, so that’s always something.

I also talked to an old friend of mine back in the States today. I haven’t had a longer conversation with him for over 2 years because of his connection with my ex. It was really good to talk to him, as he used to be one of my really close friends and confidants way back when. We try to stay connected from afar, but it gets harder over time. It’s good to know there’s still a bit of friendship there, after all this time.

I would write more, but my head is about to explode. Will have to continue later.

The Top 37 Things Dying People Say They Regret. Learn From It Before It’s Too Late.

Everyone goes through life experiencing enough mistakes and resulting damage that, by the time they are old enough, they have regrets. They say hindsight is 20/20 and when you look back at your life you will know what moments you should have changed. However, we want to help you out. Forget hindsight. We’ve compiled a list of the 37 things you must not do or else you will definitely regret them at the end of your life. Just read through these and trust us. It’ll be worth it.

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